Dog License

Dog Licenses

Any dog (over the age of 5 months) must have a license.

Annual License Fees:

  • $ 10.00 for a male or female
  • $ 5.00 for Neutered or Spayed dog
  • $ 40.00 for multiple dogs

(more than 3 dogs must have prior Town Board approval)

Proof of rabies vaccination is required at the first time of licensing.
Rabies updates are only due when the vaccination has expired.

Payment is due by April 1st

Late fee is $5 per dog.

Why license your dog(s)?:

  • It’s the law! - Sec. 174.052 of Wisconsin Statutes
  • If your dog becomes lost/found- you can be reached
  • If your dog is found and placed at the Neenah Animal Shelter, your average daily rate is $50/day; and you cannot retrieve your dog until it is licensed.

Any questions?  Please contact Treasurer at [email protected]