Town Comprehensive Plan

Town of Vinland Comprehensive Plan - 2017 - FINAL

Proposed Comprehensive Plan Updates

Town of Vinland

Winnebago County Wisconsin

Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Approved Monday January 9, 2017

The following items within the comprehensive plan that was adopted February 12, 2007 are changes that the Town of Vinland Planning Commission propose as changes to update the plan to be adopted.

  • Town Official names to reflect those in office at this time
  • Town Planning Commission members names to reflect those in office at this time
  • Tables throughout updated to reflect 2010 census data and 2014 projections
  • Changed references from the year 1999 to 2010 or 2014 projections
  • Population Characteristics updated pp. 33 (38)
  • Income Characteristics updated pp. 34 (39)
  • Education pp. 34 (39)
  • References to STH 41 changed to Interstate 41 (I41) p. 50
  • References to Trails in Utilities and Community Facilities (should they remain in the Plan?)
  • Outagamie County Regional Airport updated to reflect name change of Appleton International Airport p. 52 (57)
  • Transportation Systems for Person with Disabilities fee change  from $5 to $6 –p. 53
  • Housing characteristics updated statistics from census bureau p. 59
  • Types of Housing units updated p.59
  • Trends updated in supply chart p. 83
  • Land use chart updated p. 81
  • Town of Vinland Businesses (appendix)
  • Winnebago County Future Land Use Map